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30 November 2011

True Love..

Memory as wonderful as amusement parks

We like a couple of lover, loving each other.

Happiness shouldn't be not without doubt.

Just blame our self too playful

Missing (feeling of missing someone) like soft clouds

And quietly you lie(recline) in my heart

I like a self-willed missing child.

Tightly hugging alone.

We have already understand and regret once.

Once you missed the love, it will be difficult to come again.

Don't be afraid to confess or easily fear failure.

Forget to whether should do it or not.

Where to get back pure love, find back all regret.

The true of love will be untie.

Give me more hint to piece together unknown.of unexpected.

Losing memory of first love.

I feel wonderful how you forget.

You carrying the memory and leaving away.

Heart beat is the only call

Remind us, once we are lover

Your smile like a magnificent sunlight.

With great care, stored in my bag.

You give me warm feeling, when I feel weak(heart break)

Nobody can replace

Once we understand and regret.

Once missed, hard to return.

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