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30 November 2011

Baby Now I need You by my side

Not Brave Enough

Being beside you

Looking at your smiling face

Smiling so sweetly

He gave you a vow

Don't dare to complain

Because I am willing

If one day

You can see my love

A little day by day

You slowly go away

I am actually neglected like the air

Can only blame myself for not loving you bravely

Continuously ignoring your faith in me

Let the rocks sink into the deep sea

baby now i need you by my side

How do I let go of the past

without you i can't fall in love again

without you i can't

oh baby i can't fall in love again

i cant never fall in love

till the end of time in a world so close to me

im just so in love with a girl whos in my heart

each and everyday i wanna have you next to me

and i side to the world i'll never let it end

I actually know

Until one day

Realize you won’t have a smiling face anymore

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